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At GEO we are committed to making a difference in the way we design and deliver services within custodial settings. We hand pick people to join our team based on attitude and ability then support and develop them to make a real contribution to our success.

How you complete this form is important, as it is your opportunity to tell us as much as possible about yourself. It will help us make a fair decision to select the most suitable person for the vacancy. Carefully read through our application form before starting to complete all sections.

If you have a disability or any special needs that mean that you would like any help with this application form or at any stage of the selection process, then please contact us so we can consider changes that may help you.

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Employment History

In this and the following section please provide details of employment, self employment, registered or unregistered unemployment, part-time, and voluntary work or education over a minimum of the last 10 years. Please give dates (including month and year) and full addresses of employers or office if registered unemployed. If you need more space, click Add Additional at the bottom of this section. We will contact these to obtain references as part of our security screening process. Any job offer would be subject to the satisfactory completion of the security screening process.

Present Employer/ Other Activity or Unemployment Details

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Education & Qualifications

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Professional Qualifications & Work Related Training

Driving Licence

Previous employment with GEO

Right to Work in the UK ( Asylum & Immigration Act 1996)

If you are invited to the next stage please bring with you original (not photocopy) proof of your right to work in the UK. Additional information on the documents you must bring may be found on the government website (


Personal Statement

Please use this section to tell us about how you feel you meet the requirements of the role for which you are applying. Please note that our short-listing criteria are based on the skills, knowledge and experience required for each job and we are looking for statements which enable us to match applicants against the criteria as easily as possible.


If you are successful in gaining employment with us the information contained in this document will be used in the pre-employment screening process. Your continued employment will be conditional upon satisfactory security screening and medical examination, as determined by the Company.

References will be taken up with employers listed within your employment history except for your present employer with whom references will be taken up only after an offer of employment has been accepted.

I confirm that the information I have given is complete and correct, and I understand that I may be rejected or I may be dismissed for withholding relevant details or giving false information.

I understand the above statement relating to the processing of personal data, as part of my application for employment, and hereby give consent to this.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

GEO is committed to employment policies, procedures and practices that do not discriminate unfairly or unlawfully against anyone, and which promote equality of opportunities for all. To enable the Company to monitor the Equal Opportunities policy, we are asking all applicants to complete this form for monitoring purposes.

The questionnaire will be detached from your application form, stored separately by Human Resources and used only to provide statistics for monitoring purposes. All information will be treated in confidence and will form no part of the interview/assessment process.

Your completion of these questions is optional; however, if you do not wish to answer the questions, we would still ask you to return the form stating that you would prefer not to answer the questions to enable us to update your records with this preference.

Local Press (Please state which newspaper):
Internet (please state which website):
Other (please specify): From GEO Employee (please specify name):

GEO is committed to ensuring that people whose gender presentation may have changed (or is changing) are protected in our workplace. The 2004 Gender Recognition Act gives a person who has made the transition from one gender to the other, and has applied for legal recognition, enhanced privacy rights. To enable us to ensure that our policies and practices do not work against transgender colleagues, we ask you to complete the following:

Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were assigned at birth?
If No, do you live and work all the time in the gender role opposite to that assigned at birth?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission recommends employers should use the 2001 census categories in order to monitor the ethnicity of their staff. Please tick the box which best describes your ethnic origin:

Any other white background (please provide details below)

Asian or Asian British
Any other Asian background (please provide details below)

White and Black Caribbean
White and Black African
White and Asian
Any other Mixed background (please provide details below)

Black or Black British
Black Caribbean
Black African
Any other Black background (please provide details below)

Chinese or other ethnic group
Any other background (please provide details below)

I do not wish to disclose my ethnicity

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines the disability as 'a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term (12 months or more) effect on an individual's ability to carry out normal day to day activities'

Do you believe you are covered by this description?
Yes No Prefer not to say

If yes, what adjustments, if any, can we make to assist you or enable you to perform the job?

How would you describe your religion or belief?
Buddhist Christian Hindu Jewish Muslim Sikh None Prefer not to say Other (please specify)

What of the following describes your sexual orientation?
Bi-Sexual Gay Man Gay Woman / Lesbian Heterosexual Other Prefer not to say

Do you have any carer responsibilities that GEO should be aware of?

I understand that the above information will be used solely for the purpose of monitoring GEO's Equal Opportunities Policy