Case Studies

Case Study - Harmondsworth

Harmondsworth is the largest immigration detention facility in Europe, providing 661 beds for single men. The men in our care typically came from over 50 different countries with a wide range of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Many are going through the Home Office's detained fast track programme for asylum applicants, requiring careful logistical planning to ensure the hundreds of different interviews and court appeal hearings which take place every week run smoothly.

Located close to Heathrow Airport, Harmondsworth accommodates large numbers of men in the last few days before they leave the UK. Many face uncertain futures and our staff therefore work intensively with them to ensure they understand the plans for their departure from the UK and to help them make any last minute arrangements they may require.

"We perceive a good relationship between Custody Officers and detainees and GEO managers and staff regard the welfare of detainees, along with security, as of prime importance" (Independent Monitoring Board)

Case Study - Dungavel

Dungavel is located in Scotland and provides 249 beds for men and women. Those in our care typically come from over 30 different countries with a wide range of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The Centre provides a particularly relaxed regime, where Detainees have complete freedom to move around the Centre to participate in the wide range of activities we provide for them. Many face uncertain futures, and our staff are particularly skilled in providing re-assurance, support and helping them to plan ahead for their departure from the UK.

"Dungavel is the best Immigration Removal Centre we have inspected" (Chief Inspector of Prisons)

"The relaxed and secure ethos of the institution is wholly attributable to the skill and watchfulness of the staff" (Independent Monitoring Board)

Case Study - Transportation

We are an experienced escorting provider. Our staff escort immigration detainees from our Centres to a range of different appointments, including medical, embassy or appeal hearings. We use non-cellular vehicles, ensuring detainees are kept secure but do not draw attention to them.

For a number of years, our overseas escorting service accompanied immigration detainees on behalf of the Home Office, ensuring they returned safely to the country of destination. We have previously supported Tascor, the Home Office's escort contractor, by providing staff on flights.